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Top 10 old school Disney series you need to rewatch

thats so raven
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Lately it seems that 2016 is the year of TV revivals and reunions and we couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately, not all our fave TV shows are being remade, so in order to relive the magic of a classic Disney series, it’s best to simply re-watch them all! Here are our top 10 old school Disney series you need to re-watch.

1. Even Stevens. 


Even Stevens first aired in 2000 and starred a very young and cute Shia Labeouf. The series had a total of 3 seasons and ended with a feature length film called The Even Stevens Movie, a cinematic masterpiece also worth re-watching.

2. Lizzie McGuire. 


This Disney hit starred the loveable Hilary Duff and followed the life of a teenage girl trying to find her place in the world. Lizzie McGuire was also another series that ended with a feature length film involving a school trip to Rome!

3. That’s So Raven. 


“Now that is ridiculous. I mean, who would watch a show about a teen psychic?” Apparently lots of people! That’s So Raven first aired in 2003 and was Disney‘s first TV series ever to hit 100 episodes. It also received the highest ratings than any other Disney TV series ever made.

4. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. 


This series takes the title for the most successful series ever premiered on Disney with a total of 4 million viewers! The series stars adorable twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse living in a five star hotel with their single mum. The series ran for 3 years and was then followed with The Suite Life on Deck as well as The Suite Life Movie. Did we also forget to mention that childhood heartthrob Jesse McCartney guest starred in one of the episodes?

5. Kim Possible. 


If you thought your time in high school was tough, we’re sorry but you’ve got nothing on Kim Possible. With the weight of stopping world domination by Doctor Drakken and making sure you did last night’s homework on your shoulders, we’re amazed she can still keep her hair looking flawless.

6. The Proud Family. 


We’ve got another teenage angst series coming your way! Premiering in 2001, The Proud Family ran for three seasons and also ended with a movie. It follows the life of 14 year old Penny Proud who’s desperately trying to gain independence from her overprotective father. The series is full of hilarious characters including her grandmother Sugar Mama and her dog Puff.

7. Hannah Montana. 


There’s no doubt that this series took over the world with the trick of one blonde wig. Hannah Montana first aired in 2006 and lasted for 4 seasons, launching the career of singer Miley Cyrus. Not only did we get the best of both worlds with Miley, the series also gained international success through its release of two films which both made it to the big screen.

8. Recess. 


We’re going way back to the 90s with this series! Recess began on Disney in 1999 and ended in 2001 with over 120 episodes, plus four films that made it to DVD. The series follows six school kids trying to navigate their way through primary school without disrupting the hierarchy.

9. Phil of the Future. 


Before we were keeping up with the Kardashians, we were watching Phil Diffy trying to keep up with living in the past. Phil of the Future aired in 2006 with only 2 seasons and a total of 43 episodes. The series followed with a video game for Game Boy Advanced, feel old yet?

10. American Dragon: Jake Long. 


We’re ending this list with series we think was incredibly underrated. American Dragon premiered in 2005 and lasted for only 2 seasons. The series followed Jake Long, a teenage boy trying to find his way through high school while hiding the fact that he can also transform into a dragon. Hey, don’t knock it till you try it.