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A Complicated Love Triangle: “The Aftermath” with Keira Knightley

Source: Fox Searchlight

We got invited into a very complicated love triangle between Keira Knightley, Alexander Skarsgård and Jason Clarke, in the first trailer for The Aftermath. The story is based on the novel by Welsh writer Rhidian Brook, and is set in postwar Germany in 1946.

In the trailer, Rachael Morgan (Knightley) arrives in the ruins of Hamburg in the bitter winter, and is reunited with her husband Lewis (Clarke), a British colonel.

Here, Rachael is seemingly thrown into a situation far from desirable– only in the beginning though as we see some windows steaming up later on. The married couple has to share their new home with its previous owners, a German widower (Skarsgård) and his troubled daughter.

The official synopsis further tells us that “in this charged atmosphere, enmity and grief give way to passion and betrayal.”

We are indeed shown a very strained relationship between Rachael and her husband, as she slaps away each touch. It’s most likely serves as a catalyst for her attraction to Skarsgård. It will sure as hell make for a dramatic and thrilling film, judged by the thrilling chases at the end– and the classic ultimatum.

“I never thought that I could be happy like this.” Don’t you know Rachael, happiness in these movies never last.

The exciting movie is directed by James Kent, supported by the screenwriting of Anna Waterhouse and Joe Shrapnel. The production by Fox Searchlight will be released on April 26, 2019.

Source: Fox Searchlight

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