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Victoria Beckham hangs up her heels and dons the it sneaker of the season

Victoria Beckham
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Okay so newsflash! Victoria Beckham is hanging up her heels! She recently stated to The Telegraph saying she “just can’t do heels anymore”. Yes this is the same woman who was quoted saying, “I just can’t concentrate in flats” back in 2008 in a GMTV interview. Well eight years on and the fashion mogul has changed her tune and we don’t blame her we f&*%ing would too if we had spend all that time prancing around in pumps.

Beckham has decided that sneakers are where it is at and Posh spice we are with you girl. Lets run with the sneaker trend and in particular “The It sneaker” of the season. Our girl Isabel Marant takes the cake again with her reimagining of the humble tennis shoe; with its laid-back look and streamlined fit it is a sexy sneaker for anyone and everyone.

If Isabel Marant’s new it shoe is sold out (I mean when are they not) or dropping a cool $545 on sneakers or anything for that matter is just insanity then don’t worry Adidas has your back, whether it is the classic monochrome look you are after or the all white, they got you.

Ready to sign up for the sneaker trend! Now just waiting on Victoria to send me the memo when it is okay to wear pyjamas in public and life will have finally evolved to the place I knew it could.