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Leo the eco warrior with an Oscar

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So as expected Leonardo Dicaprio won the Oscar for best actor for his role in The Revenant. The collective relief we all felt when this dude finally won his Oscar was immense. So immense that it set some bat sh*t cray record on twitter, like my feed was just leoleoleoleoleoleoleo… you get it. The great thing about this was that his speech got shared like a billion times and because of this we all got the reminder we need that Climate change is not the third removed cousin you aren’t sure if is a family legend or if a real human that exists in real life, climate change is the creepy uncle who is around wayyy too much, ruining every family occasion and just being a grade A ass.

Our bro Leo is letting us know that if we want the creepy uncle aka climate change to GTFO then we will have to actually do something about it rather then pretend he/it doesn’t exist until he/it is leering at us/ looming over us.

Leo understands that solving climate change is more then changing a light bulb and driving less. It is about evolving beyond the current patterns of human existence into something that is sustainable and doesn’t make the human race appear as a cancer upon the earth. Being the all round awesome dude he is though Leo has got us sorted on how we can help address climate change and stop acting like cancer (there wont be any Oscars for that performance). He produced a documentary on Netflix called Cowspiracy it showcases the impacts of our habits and choices in everyday life and the effect that they have on this planet in turn giving you a run down on how to change these habits.

Lets trust Leo on this one because I mean he is Leonardo freakin Dicaprio oh yeah and he just won an Oscar didn’t you hear?