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10 underrated Netflix shows and movies you should really give a go

Image Credit Netflix

We all stare at Netflix sometimes and are just like what am I even paying for? Completely lost in the library and feeling confused as all hell with a chill factor of zero. Here are 10 underrated shows and movies you should give a go next time you are in the Netflix abyss.


1.The Last Kingdom

This has game of thrones vibes with its medieval setting, unashamed sex scenes and brutal violence so on this alone your into it right? If it being comparable to Game of Thrones is not enough then just watch it for Uhtred literally the sexiest character I have seen on screen since ever. Think of a brown haired brawny sans pointy ear Legolas and multiply it by 10 like 100% would bang and for that reason this show is a must see.

2.Jane the Virgin

This is the ultimate in easy drama. It is a fun play on soap opera and follows the life of Jane you guessed it the virgin and her misfortunes and mishaps.

3.Chelsea Does

A comedic documentary style mini series which covers a range of topics. It is sure to make you laugh and gain new perspectives on society and the weirdness of humans and comedians more closely.

4. Shadowhunters

This show will fill the hole in your heart where vampire diaries once sat. It is nice to see a kick ass female surrounded by some insanely banagable dudes saving the world one demon killing at a time.

5.Grace and Frankie

This show takes ageism and shreds it to pieces. Think mega chill Nan smoking weed and Jane Fonda rocking the f*%k out. This is a comedy where two women tackle the single life over sixty in the best way possible with copious amounts of mid altering substances, some silver foxes and a sweet house on the beach.



This movie must have got lost in the archives but thanks to Netflix it is here. With a mid 2000s all-star cast this movie will have you weirded out and rofling from start to finish.

2.The Ideas of March

This one is a political thriller that will tie you over until House of Cards returns. It has George Clooney and Ryan Gosling in it so you know on that premise alone you will love it but it gives you a glimpse into the sinister side of politics (isn’t all politics sinister these days?).

3.If I stay

This is some emotive sh%t when you have run out of army dudes coming home videos to watch and you still feel like getting all blubbery flick this on for a moving story and a good ol’ cry.

4.Spring Breakers

This one is a trip from start to finish and James Franco is proper psycho in it, like more so then the time he asked out the fifteen year old. It is basically a Disney reunion on Acid and you should be totally down with that.


This is a hilarious play on evangelical Christianity meeting the teenage years. Mandy Moore circa 2004 (in her theatrical biatch prime) is on point in this role. Such an entertaining and fresh film even twelve years down the track.