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Things Aussie’s understand but non-Aussies do not

Us Aussies pretty much have our own different language going on, we call beer ‘piss’ and thongs are not underwear – they are sandals. Here is a translation into plain English for what we actually mean when we talk.

‘No worries, mate’


We will say don’t worry, when we should really be worrying because everyone’s just as confused as each other.

What the hell is Fairy bread?


THIS is fairy bread, its like an Australian delicacy. How do other countries not have it? You guys are missing out. It is just white bread with butter and sprinkles. If your mum used to whip this up at your birthday party, you knew it would be a great day for you and your buddies.

‘Oh the games on’

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-2-20-45-pmFooty is pretty much just any game that involves a group of guys kicking around a ball. We thoroughly enjoy watching just about any sport with a few beers, ya know?

Oh man, he got on the ‘piss’


Why we do it, we actually don’t really know. Piss is just beer in Australian… Is it the colour?

‘Chicken Parmi + Chips, thanks’


We literally have hot chips with everything: Steak, sandwiches, by itself and of course burgers.

Chuck a u-ey

Welcome to Australia where someone will make an illegal u-turn just to get on the right road. “Chuck a u-ey mate” is translated to “Turn around when possible”.

Fairy Floss? You mean cotton candy?

No, fairy floss is such a cute word rather than cotton candy. Like we know it looks like cotton but we prefer to let our minds be creative and think it is for fairies.

Egg on a burger?

Okay, you got us. We love eggs and bacon not just by itself for brekkie, but we love it on burgers. It tastes amazing, with the mooshy-ness and the smoky bacon flavour. Too good.