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There’s a ‘OITNB’/’Black Mirror’ mashup – really

orange is the new black
Credit: Orange is the New Black Mirror/Netflix

Because of course, right? Orange is the New Black and Black Mirror, mashed together in a psychedelic two-minute promo to promote the new season of the former landing on June 9th. What do you mean, that’s not obvious?

But putting your confusion to one side, that’s exactly what Netflix have come up with – a two-minute dream sequence of Taystee and Poussey jamming in the setting of the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror. And of course it’s titled Orange is the New Black Mirror, because who’s going to ignore probably the literal only thing the shows have in common?

WARNING BEFORE WE GO ANY FURTHER: There are spoilers for OITNB in the clip, so if you’re not caught up, I would advise you to run fast, and run far. And then probably catch up, because seriously you’re missing out.

The spoilers have come!

Right. Ready? Okay, then.

Right? Tell me I’m not the only one that caught a few feels from that.

As I said before, Orange is the New Black is slated to return on Netflix on June 9th – that’s in less than three weeks. Expect to see a couple more pointers to that fact over the next couple of weeks, because Netflix aren’t going to let one of their flagship series’ come back without a bit of pomp and ceremony.

Incidentally, you can see the trailer for that new season here, if this has got you in the mood for some anticipation.

But let’s not forget, Orange is probably not the only thing that’s being hyped up here. This, along with the recent art installation in London, point very clearly to a wee bit of marketing geared at the intended release of Black Mirror‘s fourth season later this year.

How sneaky of you, TV marketing people.

Stirring up hype like…