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WATCH: ‘Orange is the new Black’ Season 5 trailer

The latest trailer for Netflix’s hit show Orange is the New Black (OITNB) has dropped, and guys, it’s super tense.

It starts where season 4 ended, naturally, with inmate Daya pointing a gun at that corrections officer Thomas Humphrey, who’s made the inmates’ lives more of a hell┬áthan they already were.

All of the other inmates are shouting at Daya to pull the trigger while Humphrey looks like he’s resigned to the fate that he might get shot in the face. I have so many questions, like how does Daya get a gun?

It’s really doubtful that she’s going to shoot him though, despite how much of a hell that the corrections officer has made the prison. I don’t think she’ll do it, no matter how much the other inmates want her to.

See? She gets it. Source.

I reckon she shoots the roof instead of him, but considering the trailer fades to black before you can see who or what she shoots, there’s so much suspense it’s insane!

Although the trailer is quite short, it’s interesting how much they’ve managed to pack into there. It wouldn’t be complete without Piper and Alex running dry commentary about how they’re ‘going to stay out of trouble’ and walk straight into the riot. In their defence, they walk away, but not before Piper comments:

“If this is a real riot, is this a step forward or backwards for equality?”


OITNB fans should be excited for the release date, which is the 9th of June 2017. That’s really soon. Naturally, the OITNB team decided to release that in a video as well. Check it out below.