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One Tree Hill cast hint at show reunion

Credit: @chadmurray15 Instagram

Reunions and revivals of popular TV series seem to be all the rage this year and the TV gods have smiled upon us to ensure that One Tree Hill has joined the phenomenon.

Chad Michael Murray, AKA all-star erotic novel writer, made hearts stop when he revealed at EyeCon 2016 earlier this week that a One Tree Hill revival might appear in the near future.


Chad has confirmed that he had heard the “rumblings” of former co-star, Stephen Colleti (heartthrob Chase) who told fans that creator, Mark Schwahn, had been playing around with the idea.

“We haven’t heard anything substantial but we can agree with you guys, it’s worthy,” Stephen revealed, with James Lafferty, who played Nathan, adding that he could “see it happening.”

“You know, I don’t know how all the works exactly. I know that’s kind of a trend lately,” James went on to say during his own panel. “I get the feeling if there was a demand for it and Mark Schwahn was approached by it, however it works, then the conversation would be had.”

Well we say get talking, guys.