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Lily Allen quits Twitter over online abuse

Lily Allen
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Ah Twitter, you’ve it done again. Singer Lily Allen has quit the social media platform after a barrage of abuse and hate from her Twitter followers.

The singer was receiving massive amounts of hate after tweeting messages that replaced the words ‘Muslim’ and ‘extremist’ with ‘pensioner’ to highlight discrimination faced by Muslims. Unfortunately, some of her followers thought she was attacking UK pensioners.

Most of her followers caught onto the reason she seemed to be attacking pensioners, but many were eager to hurl abuse at Allen. Twitter is usually a platform for celebrities and people to express their outrage, but the backlash is much worse, as Allen discovered.

When someone questioned her mental health, Lily disclosed in a candid tweet that she suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This is due to the stillborn birth of her child in 2010.

Although Allen’s honesty is eye-opening and horrific, some people thought she was lying because she gave birth in a ‘British hospital‘. As you can see in the tweets below, the lack of empathy from Twitter users was astonishing. One Twitter user said; “maybe if you didn’t pump your body full of drugs, you wouldn’t have miscarried”.

Understandably, all of the abuse has left Allen needing a break. She said her goodbyes in a tweet, and left her account in charge to a man called Dennis.

The hate blocking spree ensures that Allen has a safe space online to come back to, which is what she needs. As you can see, Dennis is clearly having a ball.

It’s unsure when Allen will return back to her Twitter page, but maybe Dennis will be left in charge forever. This is definitely interesting because he’s got to run out of gifs soon. We’ll keep you posted.