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Educate Yo Self

Education is f#$king expensive these days. Thanks Abbott government again for all of the real awesome  stuff you did, including but definitely not limited to deregulating university fees and defunding TAFE, you did us all a real solid there. I mean who needs education to sustain a stable and thriving state.

That complete clusterfuck of a situation aside you can educate yourself thanks to the internet. I mean maybe you finished your degree and were like well that was a complete waste of time, seeing as I no longer want anything to do with that field ever again. Maybe you just didn’t get around to going to uni but now you want to go you can’t figure out how you will afford it, or maybe you are a modern day renaissance man/ woman wanting to pursue knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Well whatever your reasoning Massachusetts Institute Of Technology otherwise known as MIT has your back.

MIT offers a program called Open Course Ware, this program is an online publication of a majority of the MIT course content. This means that you can basically get a degree for free. If you put in the time and effort to educate yourself you can definitely walk away a little or a lot wiser.

We took a peak at the courses on offer and the list is extensive. So whether you are just wanting to take a single subject or pursue an entire course MIT has got the goods. This democratises education and affords us all with the opportunity to learn and grow. The best part? It is all just a couple of clicks away!