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Detective Pikachu: Ryan Reynolds Is The Sassy Pikachu We All Need

Source: Warner Bros

Detective Pikachu dropper their first trailer, while Ryan Reynolds shared a short clip of his portrayal of the furry yellow detective.

While there are several Pokémon movies out there already, it is the very first-live action of the popular franchise. The trailer manages to transport many of us to our childhood memories of wanting to become a trainer and having our very own Pokemon.

As is always the case with popular franchises– where adherence to source material is a must, the realistic portrayal isn’t received positively by all.

According to a writer at The Verge“Every Pokémon from my childhood is now a furry nightmare.”

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Source: Warner Bros

The narrative of Detective Pikachu follows a young man named Tim, whose father has gone mysteriously missing. Tim pairs up with Pikachu, his dad’s former partner, who Tim is surprisingly able to understand.

The movie is based on the 3DS game with the same name, which was released back in 2016. One critique that the game often received was that the voice of Pikachu didn’t fit with the perception we have of the character.

While the movie still didn’t choose to go with the cutesy voice we all associate with the famous Pokémon, Warner Bros’ choice for casting Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu’s voice couldn’t have been better.Image result for detective pikachu

Ryan Reynolds most recently starred in the successful Deadpool, and was able to stay true to the character’s controversial but comedic nature. Because of the movie, Reynolds has more freedom to roam multiple genres, instead of the sole romcom universe he previously seemed to inhabit.

The actor is now more known for his comedic abilities with his voice acting and should be able to make the movie accessible to all ages.

The role of protagonist Tim will be portrayed by Justice Smith. The 23-year old hasn’t been on the silver screen that often yet, with the most recent role being in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom as Franklin Webb. In the role, Justice portrayed a scared, high-strung system analyst, which seems similar to the role he’ll portray in the new movie.Image result for justice smith detective pikachu

I for one, am very excited for the movie, which speaks to both the forced grown-up and resident child in me.

Check out the full trailer below.

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