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Chanel Oberlin’s Best Burns

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As we wait with bated breath for Season 2 of Scream Queens to begin (if you haven’t seen Season 1 yet, stop and go binge watch it immediately. It’s out on DVD August 24), we look back with fond memories on the absolute Queen of Snipe, Chanel Oberlin.

Yes, her style is impeccable and someone is murdering students left, right and centre, but the main reason we tuned in every week was to watch Chanel take down all those around her with a simple, but effective barb. Here are our top burns:

1Her morning greeting

2Her evening greeting

3Her ability to thank and insult simultaneously

4Her A+ eulogy

5Her protective persona

6Her wildly inaccurate accusations

7When she knows she deserves more

8Her misunderstanding of STI’s

9Her not real, but real threats

10Her ability to make people feel dumb

11Her assumptions regarding personality

12Her assumptions regarding sexual relations

13Her conditions for apologising

14This absolute gem

15Her A+ public speaking

16Anytime she blames #5

17Describing her strengths

18Her understanding of both physics and genetics

19Her nonchalant indifference

20Her ability to keep her minions on their toes