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Pokémon Go creator confirms Easter Eggs & updates

The CEO and creator of Pokémon Go, John Hanke was at Comic-Con this past weekend. As well as apologising for their server issues, Hanke also confirmed updates that are on their way to being released.

  • FACT – not all of the 151 OG Pokémon have shown up, only 145 have been accounted for. Hanke says, “there are some rare ones that haven’t showed up yet that will be showing up“.
  • Soon your team leaders will be dispensing advice to their team members. Whether that means war between Team Valor (red), Team Mystic (blue) or Team Instinct (yellow) we are yet to find out.
  • Each team has one legendary bird Pokémon associated with it, and it might just play into which one you’re able to catch. “They’re kinda aligned with the teams, and we might have something to announce about the teams soon.” What we reckon is that Team Valor can only catch Moltres, Team Mystic can only catch Articuno, and Team Instinct can only catch Zapdos, but that’s yet to be confirmed.
  • Pokéstops are likely going to become Pokémon Centres. This is a move aligning Pokémon Go with the OG games, we can only hope Nurse Joy will be at each one.
  • The fan found Easter Egg of how to make Eevee evolve into Flareon, Vaporeon or Jolteon** is not the only one in the game, so stay altert!
  • Pokémon trading is definitely, certainly, 110% coming. Now is the time to start building up your collection to make the most of it early on.

We’re so excited, not least because Hanke confirmed they are working on making the servers reliable before any updates are made.

**If you hadn’t worked it out yet, giving Eevee the name of ‘Pyro’, ‘Rainer’ or ‘Sparky’ will ensure it evolves into Flareon, Vaporeon or Jolteon respectively as a shout out to the Eevee brothers in the OG series.