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Meghan Markle’s sister writes scathing tell-all

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There’s one in every family, and now Meghan Markle, Suits darling and major squeeze of hot Royal Prince Harry, has to face the unpleasant news than her estranged sis has written a tell all.

In what seems to be shaping up to a proverbial nightmare, highly popular Meghan’s estranged sis has penned this tome and is already defending it on Twitter. Meghan and Harry are yet to comment but must be squirming in horror.

Meghan has a conversation about being exposed with Suits co star

Apparently the only thing the sisters have in common is a father.

“My book deals with my bi-racial family in a candid, warm, personal and socially important way,” Samantha Markle told Daily Star. “Maybe when Meghan is more mature and reads the book she’ll understand. Some of it she won’t like, some of it she might.”

Hmmm. It doesn’t sound good for the royal couple of the moment.

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This reminds us of the awkward antics that squeaky clean Duchess Kate had to grin and endure when Pippa Middleton couldn’t behave herself in a fashion befitting for a royal sister. Surely Meghan’s peeps will surely be prepping for damage control with the following tweets from her half-sister Samantha Markle Grant not boding well for the future tell all.

Both Sam’s mum (also estranged for 9 years) and husband have dismissed the book as an attempt to cash in on Meghan’s very hot current public profile and paint Meghan as a pushy social climber with royal aspirations.

If there’s going to be a Royal wedding, we all know who won’t be an invite. Although Prince Harry is no stranger to controversy, the red-headed favourite has changed his tune over the years. Surely he won’t want his new affable image tarred by Meghan’s sister’s hunger for media attention.