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Kendall Jenner’s new Pepsi ad is a nightmare

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Source: Youtube

Advertising is a divisive issue. Some ads are great and emotional and some are complete commercial sewage (cough Harvey Norman). In the latest ad controversy, Pepsi has teamed up with supermodel and Kardashian sister Kendall Jenner for its latest ad.

The commercial features Jenner modelling at a shoot, when she sees a bunch of protestors outside. Obviously, Kendall then rejects her modelling role, takes off her wig and goes to join the crowd of people protesting. Their generic signs that say “join the conversation”.

After Jenner makes her way through the crowd (and smirks at the hot musician who appears to be the only reason she joined the protest), she grabs a can of Pepsi and gives it to a police officer. This previously very stern police officer smiles and cracks it open. Aw! Peace is restored! Then, the protest turns into a party for no apparent reason other than Jenner making the cop drink Pepsi. Pepsi can fix everything apparently.

People are pissed. Social media is rife with righteous fury, with people being quick to say that the Kardashians (who have been generally quiet on US politics) will do anything for a quick buck.

Some other users think that the ad is making light of the issues that are within the US today.

Maybe mass outrage was Pepsi’s intention all along? Many companies believe that any publicity is good publicity after all. When it comes to making such a statement in a 30 second video, maybe making light of complex issues isn’t the way to get people to drink your brand.

Check out the video below and form your own opinion.