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Beyoncé dropped a glorious new track

Source: Instagram/ beyonce

She can do no wrong and this is no exception. Beyoncé has surprised us again with a whole new track. That’s right, brand new Queen Bey. Bey dropped a new track on her 9th wedding anniversary with millionaire rapper husband Jay Z.

The track is called ‘Die with You’, and was naturally released on Tidal. For those of you who don’t remember what Tidal is, it’s the music listening platform that is owned by Jay Z and a whole bunch of other artists including Usher and Madonna.

Obviously this dreamy song is an adorable shoutout to her hubby of nine years and their #relationshipgoals marriage. She posted a snippet of the song on Instagram, as well as a gorgeous montage of Bey and Jay (and kids).

💙 4.4.17 💙

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The video shows us some super candid videos, which are just adorable. They show snapshots of their relationship over the years, with the pair getting matching tattoos, a sneak peak into their wedding, Beyoncé being pregnant with Blue, as well as some very cute shots of Blue and Jay Z playing together.

There’s also a very cute snippet of Blue Ivy kissing a very pregnant Beyoncé’s belly, which shows that she is clearly very excited about her two new siblings.

There has been speculation about Beyoncé’s pregnancy, but naturally, she’s keeping it under wraps and will probably blow us all away on Instagram like she did with the pregnancy photoshoot.

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Look at her, looking like the straight up QUEEN she is. YASSS B. Naturally, the Beyhive went nuts and started combing the other 8 posts that were uploaded for clues about the gender of the babies. The speculation is running rampant but I have a feeling we won’t know anything about these little babies until Beyonce wants us to.

Unfortunately for those of us who aren’t Tidal users, the song hasn’t been released anywhere yet, but fingers crossed Bey will be feeling kind and release it to Spotify for us broke people. Or y’know, maybe the Beyhive will deliver and put the song on Twitter or something. Keep an eye out!