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Kimye vs Taylor Drama Continues

Following on from yesterday’s drama of Kimye vs Swift (catch up here if you missed out) a whole slew of celebrities have come out for Team Kim or Team Swift.

First off the bat was Selena Gomez who immediately got dragged for not addressing the issues she says other’s should address.

Then Chloë Grace Moretz got involved with a similar sentiment:

Kim has used her considerable clout to speak out about a bunch of issues over the past year including #blacklivesmatter so perhaps this wasn’t the best approach.

Khloé Kardashian has stepped up to the plate, defending her sister with a perhaps ill-advised tweet. Note: the censorship is ours.

Khloe Kardashian Tweet

Chloë fired back to say that the second photo is not her, and offered proof with shots from her movie, Bad Neighbours 2.

Ruby Rose has then lashed out at Khloé for bullying:

Khloé then defended her actions saying that she is simply trying to protect her family.

Despite this having blown up, we think that this drama is not quite done yet.