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Cheese Yum Cha- Need I Say More?

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Anything to do with cheese is bound to spark excitement (well, in my life anyway). Put Yum Cha on the end of it and you’ve got some seriously exciting news. Take a moment to compose yourself Cheese Yum Cha is about to be a beautiful dairy reality in Sydney and this is everything you need to know:

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Bastille Day is just around the corner and to celebrate in true French style, the annual Français festivities are going to fuse two of the best things to grace this Earth together into one delicious food fantasy. The Song Kitchen in Surry Hills is putting on a cheese trolley to honour all things French and delicious (plus, who wouldn’t harness the opportunity to have a day dedicated to cheese?!) On the 14th of July for just $10 entry, you’ll have the opportunity to bask in dairy heaven with overflowing carts of Le Chevrefeuille Crottin and Papillon Roquefort (I’m not sure how to pronounce them either, but it has me excited).

Prepare your taste buds and any possible lactose intolerances—this one is gonna be good!