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Cole Sprouse Takes Elle Magazine by Storm With New September Spread

Photo Source: Instagram

You know those people you went to school with who were just a little bit too talented? Like, they were super smart, really popular, could sing and dance, AND were good at every sport under the sun? That’s pretty much Cole Sprouse. Yes we’re jealous, no we’re not fine.

Our favourite Sprouse twin (don’t tell Dylan) is not only a great actor, but has taken the photography world by storm. Now he’s showing off his skills with an editorial shoot for the September issue of Elle USA. The Riverdale and Suite Life star worked with stylist Natasha Royt, and model Charlee Fraser. The shoot was set in a Prairie in Los Angeles, and gave off all the hippy vibes of our dreams.

Photo Source: Instagram

We already knew Sprouse was an incredible photographer. Sprouse has been posting sneak peaks of all his projects on his Instagram, much to the delight of his 18 million followers. He’s shot so many different subjects, including girlfriend and Riverdale castmate Lili Reinhart, and even Kendall Jenner. But this has got to be his biggest and best gig to date.

A recent shot of Lili Reinhart taken by Sprouse. Photo Source: Instagram

All we can say is that we can’t wait to see what else the star has in store, and if he could just relax a little bit with all the talents, that’d be great.

Check out the full shoot here.

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