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5 secrets to waking up with perfect hair


You hardly have enough time to eat breakfast in the morning let alone spend time styling your hair. Not to mention it never sits the way you want it to, so if anything, you’d rather spend those precious minutes in the a.m sleeping. Although it happens (more often than not) in the movies, I think we all secretly hope that no one has the natural ability to wake up with perfect hair.

Even though we may not be genetically programmed to wake up with flawless locks, there are a few things we can do to assist in making it happen (or at least make it better.)

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail! We don’t think Benjamin Franklin was talking about hair when he said this but what’s important is that the concept is relevant. Therefore, what you do the night before is essential to the success of your perfect hair in the morning.

  1. Overnight Braids
    Add a little serum to your damp hair and braid it in any way you wish – in the morning when you undo your braids and brush through them gently with your fingers. You’ll be left with beautiful textured waves and just add some hairspray to secure the natural curls.
  2. Plopping
    Yes it’s a weird word but you basically do exactly that. Flip your head over and plop your wet hair on top of your head. Wrap it tightly in a microfiber towel and be amazed at the volume when you take the towel off in the morning.
  3. Products
    Anti-frizz serum, volume spray or argan oil are some of the many products that will become your best friend. Depending on the texture of your hair you should choose accordingly. For e.g. if you are looking a little too similar to Christina Aguilera in Lady Marmalade then we don’t suggest you use a volume spray. Choose wisely ladies!
  4. Bun
    They’re always your ‘in-a-rush’ hairstyle but strategically putting your hair in a bun before getting some shut eye can actually work wonders. After making sure your hair is completely dry, take your hair and twist it in the same direction and pin it into place. Undo the bun the next morning to say hello to beautiful smooth hair. (Note: Do this with damp hair to achieve some soft curls)
  5. Fingers
    When you do wake up in the morning, although it may be tempting, the last thing you want to do is brush your hair. We have this pre-conceived idea that brushing is ALWAYS good but when it leads to frizz and mechanical damage you’ll soon want to break your brush in half. The best tools for any detangling are your fingers so use them to softly feed through your strands.