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WATCH: Holy 90s, Power Rangers movie reboot

All 90s kids remember the iconic show The Power Rangers, and probably spent years pretending to be a Power Ranger and save the world from the next strange villain. Looking back, the graphics were pretty terrible and the acting is almost laughable, but that’s what makes it so 90s.

In this year of reboots, the iconic series is getting it’s day in the sun and the trailer actually looks very watchable. It’s got more humour than the original movie (which was full of heartfelt self-discovery) and it looks like the origin story will appeal much more to the current fanbase.

Everyone’s favourite dad figure of the moment, Bryan Cranston, features as the intergalactic leader of the Rangers, Zordon. Elizabeth Banks also stars in the film, in a role she seems born for. I can’t wait to see how she plays the villain described as “pure evil”.

So get ready because…