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Family Guy: still strong in Season 16

Credit: Youtube

Family Guy is back and better than ever! If you are new to Family Guy at this stage, you may require a handy how-to-watch manual. Laugh at Peter Griffin’s endearing (and misplaced) childish mentality. Feel superior as you appreciate references that no on else gets. Feel guilty as you chuckle at a revolving door of paralysis and pedophilia jokes. Be amazed at the unexpected depths of the sex-crazed pervert, Quagmire. Be confused when Stewie breaks the fourth wall and assumes, “you know what restaurant we’re talking about” (Sorry, Seth. I really didn’t). But for the rest of show, carry on laughing like a drain.

At times, the latest season continues a tradition of being painfully self-aware of its genre. Even satire should have limits. But who needs comedy when you have tenure? As no one famous has ever said. Note to self: just tell us if this is worth seeing. Answer to self: OK!
It is must watch! There are few cartoons today with as much red-curtain-class as Family Guy – perhaps, the millennial’s answer to Looney Tunes. It’s is a worthwhile continuation of the characters, rather than a repetitive rehash. Brian seeks true love in India, Quagmire rediscovers his past as an actor in a Korean Soap Opera, the gang forms a vigilante night watch and spends a night in a terrifying insane asylum. And for the first time ever, Chris Griffin made me laugh (gasp!) – a crowing achievement of Season 16. How you might ask? Well, that’s a surprise.

This season also covers a range of issues that seemingly appear unfit for comedy: racially motivated shootings, child pornography, disability, overmedicating children, bullying, under age drinking and if we remember that Brian is a dog, then perhaps bestiality could be added to the list. But the show deals with these topics quite brilliantly (can’t say how, but they’re funny). It also freakishly, but refreshingly, avoids the largest controversy of 2016: the election.

Kick-back and relish in the special features including deleted scenes, episode commentary, the art of Family Guy and a talking animals mash-up!

Family Guy Season 16 is available on DVD November 30.