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Scotty T Has Hit Our Shores Bearing Kebabs Thanks To Deliveroo

Why aye, man!

Image Source: MTV

To celebrate World TV DayDeliveroo is making TV dreams a reality by teaming up with MTV veteran, Scotty T to deliver the ultimate Geordie inspired meal- a kebab with a side of banter!

Image Source: Deliveroo

Australians grew up watching their favourite MTV reality TV stars on their television screens- laughing, crying and cringing along with them as their lives unfolded before our eyes.

Now, you have the chance of Scotty T gracing your doorstep dressed as a Deliveroo rider with a Geordie inspired kebab in hand (does this sound like anyone else’s fantasy coming true?)

The British heartthrob rose to fame as a cast member in MTV’s Geordie Shore in 2012 and then continued to make reality TV history on Ex on the Beach, Celebrity Big Brother and now Just Tattoo of Us.

Deliveroo customers will be able to order a kebab from ANY participating restaurant in Melbourne from today, Wednesday 21st of November to Sunday 25th of November for their chance to have Scotty T ring their doorbell.

Image Source: Deliveroo

Scotty T responded to the collaboration, “I’ve got a hectic schedule and we all know I’m a party boy at heart so safe to say I don’t spend a great deal of time in the kitchen and Deliveroo has the best options! I can’t wait to get to Australia and surprise a darlin fan!”

Time to gather your gang together for a Geordie marathon. It’s never too early for a kebab!

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