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Miley Cyrus says she was underpaid while playing Hannah Montana

Image Credit: Mark Seliger

Miley Cyrus recently dropped a huge bomb during an interview with Elle while opening up about her past life on Disney. Best known for never holding anything back, the singer revealed that her talent was taken advantage of during the time she played Hannah Montana.

“I mean, at one point—they’ll probably kill me for saying it—I was probably the least paid person on my cast because I didn’t know any better,” she revealed. “I did not grow up spoiled in any way. I just wanted to be on TV.”

The TV series itself lasted for five years with a total of 98 episodes and led to the production of two feature length films as well as a huge variety of merchandise. However, according to a report by Hollywoodlife, Miley was paid exactly $15,000 USD per episode, which does not sound too bad until you compare it to child actor Angus T Jones who played Jake on Two And A Half Men, who raked in $250,000 USD per episode.


But with Miley just bein’ Miley, she remains indifferent about the experience.

“My mum started understanding how many people take advantage of a child, so she hired smart people to protect me in that way,” she stated. “When I was younger, people protected me and put me in a position where I can now control my music.”