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Miley Cyrus hosts Ellen for the day

miley cyrus on ellen
Image Credit: today.com

Ellen audience members had a bit of a shock when they were greeted by not Ellen but another blonde with a loud personality. Ellen unfortunately was reportedly unwell and felt that she was unable to host the show and asked Miley Cyrus to host in her place.

The 23 year old singer stepped out in true Ellen style, dancing her way to the centre before explaining why Ellen was unable to host the show as usual.

“Don’t worry you guys, Ellen will be fine, but she just isn’t feeling well, so she’s asked me to fill in and of course, I said yes for my girl Ellen.”

And of course, in true Miley style, her opening monologue was anything but PC.

“I gave her a bunch of Molly to make her feel better. It’s working,” Cyrus joked. “I’m dressed like her, I smell like her, just before I came out here, I actually kissed a girl, so thank you. Thank you for making me feel very welcome.”

No, no, Miley, thank you.

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