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Lorde’s ‘Melodrama’ is here and everyone is losing it

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When David Bowie himself anoints someone as “the future of music”, you kinda take that as a hint that they may be worth keeping an eye on. And that’s exactly how Lorde seems to have turned out.

The New Zealand-born star has finally dropped her second studio album, titled Melodrama, and it’s fair to say it’s not gone under the radar. 

Everyone downloading Lorde right now.

The album launched down in Australia and New Zealand before our northern hemisphere friends, presumably as some kind of penance for us having to wait an extra few months for every film ever, and even the gal herself loved it.

A follow-up to her wildly successful Pure Heroine, the new album has been hyped to oblivion since lead single ‘Green Light’ was released in March. If the reaction we’ve seen is anything to go by, it’s been worth the wait.

So people are kinda jazzed, basically.

The album is now available to download and stream via all the usual places, and if you want a convenient guide to everywhere that is then Lorde herself has conveniently put it together for you here.

Now, go forth and spread the good word of the Lorde.

(I am absolutely not going to apologise for that.)