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LA to honour Adam West with Bat Signal

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Credit: Batman

Unless you’ve been living in a cave (a Batcave, perchance?) you will know that the original masked vigilante himself, Adam West, sadly died last week.

He is best known for his part in the unapologetically camp and thoroughly baffling (yet highly entertaining) Batman series from the 1960s, although some of a certain age may know him better as the ludicrously eccentric mayor from Family Guy.

From here…
…to here.

In a week where plenty of people have been trying to come up with suitable ways of honouring him, we thought Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane had won the game with his moving tribute to the man.

But the city of Los Angeles has maybe found the most amazing way of saying goodbye, by lighting up the skyline tonight with the Bat Signal.

If anyone is unaware of the significance, the Bat Signal was the laser sign Commissioner Gordon used to alert Batman that help was needed. I don’t know if they’re hoping flying the signal will bring Batman back out of a sense of duty, but that’s desperately what I’m hoping for.

What’s even more touching, look how many people turned out to see it happen. God bless ’em.

Rest in every kind of peace, Adam West. You served Gotham brilliantly, and I hope you’re still rocking the skin-tight suit and cape up there.