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Justin Bieber’s shocking Hyde Park London performance

Justin Bieber

Beliebers were left unhappy after Justin Bieber’s unusual set of comments at the Hyde Park Festival in London.

We all know Biebs as the singer who stole every teenybopper’s heart with his side fringe and great voice. Unfortunately he failed to steal the show at his recent performance in London.

The night he was set to perform, Bieber was suffering from a head cold. The good news was that he did perform, but the bad news was that, according to fans, he would not stop complaining about the most unnecessary things.

Justin Bieber

The Sun reported that Bieber kept complaining about Vicks Vaporub.

Apparently Justin made the important statement that “Life is worth living without Vicks in your nose” during his performance.

He even used his stage towel to blow his nose, and almost certainly was going to throw it to his fans. Luckily he stopped himself, saying: “I have a cold. You don’t want to catch this”.

But that wasn’t the end of his odd behaviour. He threw shade at the venue and the festival.

“That looks fun – said no one ever” Beibs said, gesturing to a ride at the festival.

Justin Bieber
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As the concert progressed, Bieber got annoyed because of his cracking voice due to his head cold. He decided to take his frustration out on his back-up dancers, who were chatting while he was talking to fans. He angrily demanded to know if what they were talking about was more important than what he was saying. Yikes.

He then proceeded to commit the ultimate performance crime and mime his performance.

It’s safe to say that fans were extremely disappointed.

A fan explained: “We paid 200 British pounds (AUD $340) each for tickets to be close to the stage and it’s an insult that he’s miming through a lot of the songs. It’s obvious when he isn’t as then he can’t even get the words out”.

Justin Bieber

Not cute at all JB!