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James Blunt hypes new album with ‘Blunt Fans Anonymous’

James Blunt
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Say what you like about the man’s music, but no-one can deny that James Blunt rules the Internet these days.

Anyone who’s had the fun of scrolling down through his Twitter feed will at least have a taste for his comedy stylings.

Look no further than the promotions that have been going on for his new album:

If you need more persuading, his responses to both fans and critics who hassle him online are nothing short of gold:

Check his Twitter for the best ones. Some are a little NSFW, but they are very funny.

Anyway, he’s nailed it once again with his build up to the launch of said album, The Afterlove, which is officially released today.

How did he do it? He extended a sympathetic hand to his ashamed fans, of course.

In a skit posted to his Twitter page, a group of people sit down together and, with James’ support, finally bring themselves to confess that they are James Blunt fans.

Admittedly, it took some a little by surprise when the ex-soldier’s new album got announced, since a lot of people (myself included) hadn’t realised that Blunt was still making albums.

But I’ll also admit that I was pretty delighted by the whole thing because I straight up loved Back to Bedlam and I have a lot of respect for the guy. I’d join a ‘Blunt Fans Anonymous’ group any day.

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Keep on trucking, James Blunt, and please, please, please, stay on Twitter.