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Girls Season 6 Reported As Final

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Brooklyn Milleniums; Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna will end their journey at season 6 as reported by E! Online. 

But before we wave them goodbye, season five is yet to premier and will do so in February on HBO. For loyal fans this would be little surprise as Lena Dunham has hinted at a near expiration date, remarking that America has a habit of pushing shows “past their due dates.”

The cast also feel that it is ready to move on. Dunham is already hard at work on her new show Max, a pilot about a 1960s feminist magazine writer that she’s producing, writing and directing for HBO. Adam Driver has also found himself in a bigger pond, recently staring on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

What we can expect from the next two seasons is up in the air, the girls are no strangers to getting themselves into ridiculous situations, but rest assured, the girls find themselves at the end of the road in the right place. Dunham shed some light in a recent interview with Variety, We spent a lot of time talking about where these girls will end up. We definitely have a distinct idea of where we want to see them. I even sometimes focus on this final image that I see, but between now and then, anything can happen.”

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