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Demi and Nicki’s beef: a crash course

Demi and Nicki
image: Michael Buckner/WWD/REX/Shutterstock

Before this week, we’ve never even seen Demi Lovato and Nicki Minaj interact, but apparently there’s one hell of an intense beef arising between the two superstars. They’re basically on the opposite sides of pop culture, so the two of them having anything to beef about is pretty strange and undeniably entertaining. Plus, there’s no one we love more in a fight than Nicki, she is the queen of brutal.

It all started with Nicki’s Instagram post, where she tagged her dress designer (Moschino) and Jeremy Scott who’s in the pic with her, but casually left out the fact that Demi is also there.

She also posted a snapchat later on where she seems to be contemplating where the issues came from.

Demi Snapchat
Credit: Demi’s snapchat

Neither of the two women are ones to shy away from drama when it comes up, and both have built an empire on being outspoken, loud and proud activists. Last night Demi went on a twitter rant, although not naming any names, it seems clear there’s some behind the scenes shit going down.

Demi Twitter
Credit: Demi’s Twitter

Nicki is uncharacteristically silent at the moment, so we’re not sure what she’s up to, but we’re sure we’ll find out soon.