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9 Podcasts You Should Listen To

Guys We Fucked

Two funny as well fuck girls tackle slut shaming straight in the mouth with their mouths. These ladies talk all things sex and invite a range of guests to talk all things love, dating, sex and more. For laughs, advice and awesome entertainment tune into these two.

The Rich Roll Podcast

This dude is your one-stop shop for all things motivation, wellness, and forward thinking ideas. If you want to gain new perspectives and get inspired to live your best life this is your go to podcast.

Women of the Hour

A short podcast series by Lena Dunham, it covers a range of topics that paly a role in women’s lives. Lena offers an informative podcast for the aspiring feminist.

Democracy Now

For the news, the news doesn’t quite get around to covering. This podcast offers another perspective on news and the world around us.

Modern Love

This podcast is based on the column featured in The New York Times. It is a series of essays about love, read by famous voices. This is a beautiful and heartfelt podcast to entertain your softer side.

Tara Brach

This podcast is your go to for guided meditation. Tara offers a range of awesome meditations to help you overcome issues in your life and she also sheds wisdom on a range of topics.

Stuff you should know

This Podcast picks a focus each week and with this, they delve deep into the topic bringing you the nitty gritty on it so you leave the podcast just a little bit wiser.

Running On Om

This podcast has a background in running and yoga but it also dives into the lives and stories of its guests inspiring you to find your passions and run with it.

Magic Lessons

Elizabeth Gilbert runs this podcast, you may have heard of her? She wrote Eat, Pray Love and Big magic. This is the go-to podcast for the creative as she helps you unleash your inner creativity.

Head to the podcasts app on your phone to subscribe to all of these awesome podcasts and fill the dead time in which your mind wanders with informative and entertaining noise.