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Keeping Your Skin Happy This Winter The Natural Way

I know winter is coming and your skin isn’t so happy. As we are basically bathing in chemicals 24/7 why not give yourself a break when you are actually in the bath? Or the shower or just the whole god damn bathroom and combat the winter skin blues with an au natural skin routine.

shutterstock_267903689Now I know you have seen plenty of chicks on insta with a few K following getting all scrubbed up in some fancy ass coffee scrub, by some dude named frank or whoever but chill out on the insta advert buying because you can make this at home for peanuts and pennies. Who knows maybe that is what this lil gal was trying to do to her bro? Either way, Elle knows what’s up and has given a step by step on making your own so get on it because this scrub will ward off cellulite and keep you looking tight.

shutterstock_216480400So Winter is basically upon us, I mean we are in Australia, so whenever it’s below 20 degrees it’s time to don on jeans and a jumper and complain about the one grey day we had this week. To keep your skin in tip-top shape and give you a winter glow whip out the body brush, the coconut oil and the tub. Brush away the dead skin and put a tablespoon of coconut oil in your bath to moisturise you and by the time you are out of that bath you will at best have morphed into an angel and at worst be feeling silky smooth, and really let’s face it that’s pretty sweet.


For years, we have all sat and squeezed our pimples but NO MORE. I know there is a masochistic bone in your body that wants you to see that sucker explode but please get your kicks from YouTube and give your skin a break! Get some tea tree oil on a Q-tip and the pimple will go away a whole lot easier then the crater it leaves behind when you pop it.

shutterstock_261388394If your skin is itchy and dry with the change of season pop some quick oats in a bit of fabric and seal it with an elastic band. It will be like an oat tea bag in your bath and soothe your skin.

shutterstock_61099339Has your face been dry AF? Make some guac with one-half of an avo and mash the other half, for your face. Spread that on your cheeks like vegemite on toast because your skin is going to be thanking you the way your belly does after breakfast with this mask. The avocado is nutrient packed, full of essential oils and omegas to revitalise your skin.

Image Credit Giphy
Image Credit Giphy

The best bit? You can do the food shop and the beauty shop in one go! Gotta love the skin you are in enough not to put anything you wouldn’t eat, on it.