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5 Reasons Why Girls Is Worth Watching

The Season 5 Trailer for HBO’s Girls has just been released and we get a sneak peek into the ongoing complicated friendships, new boyfriends and a wedding. We’ve still got to wait until February 21 to watch the new season so in the meantime here’s 5 reasons why Girls is worth watching!

  1. Realistic Looks
    The four girls do not look like Victoria’s Secret models nor do they look like they enjoy monthly visits to a plastic surgeon. It makes the show so much more relatable because they’re people you would be friends with or come across in life.
  2. Advice
    You might just learn a thing or two from watching Girls! From relationships to STIs to jobs they cover quite a lot!
  3. Money
    The women financially support themselves! They discuss having to pay rent and salaries, which is such an accurate representation of our day and age.
  4. Conversation
    There’s so much to discuss and debate about with friends that do watch the show. The critical question of which character you are most like can be very controversial but funny.
  5. Women Portrayed Positively
    The world desperately needed female characters that are not portrayed as ‘dumb’ or man dependent. The girls are well spoken and smart and are a much more positive and realistic representation of women.