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5 reasons why should read The Girl On The Train before seeing the movie

The Girl On The Train
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If you haven’t read it yourself, someone you know has or is going to. The Girl On The Train is a novel that captivated readers globally and has now been adapted into a film! Without giving too much away, the thrilling story follows a young woman named Rachel, a regular train commuter and important witness to something of a suspicious nature. The novel itself broke all-time book sales record for thrillers in the UK and with today being its release date into Australian cinemas, we’re giving you 5 reasons why you should read The Girl On The Train before seeing it on the big screen.

1. All perspectives are told by women. 


The novel features the use of three different female voices, each telling their part to the story. It’ll keep you suspicious and intrigued about who’s not being truthful and what information is being withheld.

2. It’s easy to read. 


This novel doesn’t have a billion characters or a plot that will take you in so many different directions. Paula Hawkins uses few characters as well as simplistic language to make sure you’re following along while building tension as events escalade.

3. You won’t be able to put it down. 


Consider this your official warning but The Girl On The Train is highly addictive and gripping. Its short and snappy chapters will keep your turning pages while Hawkins’ subtle clues will leave you wanting to know more.

4. Plot twists. 


Because who doesn’t love a good plot twist? We’ll admit, some are predictable and can be seen from a mile away, but there’s a few that are jaw dropping.

5. It’ll break your heart (but in the good way). 


The Girl On The Train will not only own your heart, but it’ll break it too. With the novel dealing with issues involving motherhood, alcohol addiction, mental health and loneliness (just to name a few), we guarantee you’ll shed a few tears.