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5 reasons to binge watch American Horror Story: Hotel

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Anyone who sticks to a TV series like glue is often familiar with the horrific cycle that occurs every time a new season begins. You count down the days and hours until the new episode plays, watch it and then begin to reminisce about that perfect episode while denying the fact that you’ll have to wait another week for the next one. American Horror Story is no exception and with that jaw-dropping premiere of season 6, waiting patiently for the second episode is not an option. Luckily American Horror Story: Hotel is released on Blu-Ray and DVD today so here’s five reasons to binge-watch it.

1. Lady Gaga, ’nuff said. 


Lady Gaga will have you wrapped around her finger through her portrayal of ‘The Countess’. If it’s not her vampiric tendencies that hook you, it’ll definitely be her must have style.

2. The Halloween episode. 


One of the best things to look forward to about American Horror Story are the Halloween episodes. It’s normally where all the creepiness really hits you and there are no rules for whatever goes. Dining with serial killers anyone?

3. The ‘plot twist’.


Of course we won’t tell you exactly what the plot twist is, but it’s one we didn’t see coming. When it comes to American Horror Story, it’s best to trust no one.

4. Evan Peters’ accent/moustache.


Did we also forget to mention that his character is psychotic and has been dead for nearly 100 years? While it’s hilarious to watch Mr. March interact with characters from the present, you’ll cringe when you see what he likes to get up to in his spare time.

5. Child vampires. 


Because an army of child vampires preying on school teachers is something you need to see. You’ll never look at a classroom the same ever again.