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9 things men hate about women!

A thread on Reddit titled “Guys of Reddit, what feature(s) of a girl makes you like/dislike them immediately?” resulted in some truth and very hilarious answers revealed.

Here are some of our favourites:

9‘Girls that aren’t independent or self-reliant. I’m all for helping a girl out, but when I’m not around you need to be able to take care of yourself.’

Image Credit Legally Blonde

8‘Indeed, lacking the maturity to survive and do fine on your own is comparative to a small child and simply not attractive.’

Image Credit The Hunger Games

7‘How bout a girl who’s got a brain, who always speaks her mind…?’

Image Credit Suddenly 30

6‘It doesn’t matter what she looks like… it only matters what she cooks like!’

Image Credit Julie and Julia

5‘Over plucked eyebrows’
‘Add drawn-on eyebrows to this’
‘Ah the old ‘Sponsored by Nike’ look

Image Credit Pinterest

4‘Anti-intellectualism is a pretty solid sign I’m not going to like you very much.’

Image Credit Mean Girls

3‘Acts like she is god’s gift to the world and people should feel privileged just to be able to look at her.’

Image Credit Scream Queens

2‘I’ve never seen a woman pull off that “Monroe piercing”.’

Image Credit Huffington Post

1‘Girls with wide mouths. For some reason, makes me think they’re going to devour my soul or something.’

Image Credit The Vampire Diaries