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RiRi and Drake being all cute and stuff AGAIN

Image Credit Instagram @champagnepapi

“Their romance is getting a bit boring” said no one ever about Rihanna and Drake. Last night at the very last concert for his three-time gig at the Staples Centre, he announced his undying love for RiRi.

Right after they performed their classic ‘Work‘ he said “I pray that you find somebody that holds you down like this woman right here.”

Also calling her talented and beautiful, but we all know that is an understatement because she is actually a Queen.

One Aubrih fan captured the whole thing:

They are still yet to confirm they are officially girlfriend and boyfriend, but labels aren’t for everyone and we can definitely see the chemistry between these two.

So just in the last month: the couple have dropped the ‘L’ bomb, kissed on stage, got matching tattoos and had a very passionate VMA speech.

Unless you’re Chris Brown, who wouldn’t want these two lovebirds together?