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The Bag Brand We Are Loving

Image Credit timestheychangin.com

So we all know that a good bag is a girls best friend. That thing is like a legit #rideordie it is there for you always supplying you with the goods literally. So do yourself a solid and buy a nice bag to support you in your times of need in style.

Fast fashion sucks like majorly but on point items are practically a necessity, this need not be a fashun conundrum you find yourself in. We are crushing, like first crush butterflies, burning cheeks and giggles, hard on Canadian brand Matt & Nat. This brand mixes ethical and sustainable fashion with some seriously rad, chic sweet ass adjective inspiring bags.

The company uses a fabric made from recycled plastic bottles to line the bag I mean does it get more innovative in terms of sustainability? Well um yes it kind of does like a lot. Matt & Nat have understood that the leather industry sucks big time for the workers, the environment and of course the animals. So Matt & Nat have sourced some sustainable non leather options to make their bags. The bags still look and feel like leather but they don’t have the same environmental impact.

Beyond the environmental, these bags are stylish AF. Think every colour under the sun in every shape and style and basically you have their range. The company mixes minimalism with solid structures and soft palettes and leaves you looking as sleek as ever.

Sweet to see sustainable fashion take a turn for the stylish in recent years, remember when it was all hemp and and hippies? Thanks to companies like Matt & Nat you can be ethical without sacrificing being fashionable.