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5 Closet Classics For Summer!

Image Credit Tracy Varga Group

Do you like to look good but don’t like spending a fortune on different styles all the time? Here are five timeless must-haves that you need to keep handy in your wardrobe that you will wear time and time again.

1White Jeans

Image Credit The Iconic

Pair them with any coloured top and you’ve got the perfect summer outfit.

2Basic Grey Tee

Image Credit Target

Grey is perfect for Summer and goes with just about everything whether it’s black, white or blue jeans.

3Pencil Skirt

Image Credit Asos

You can dress them up or down with a tucked in blouse or a cute crop top.

4White Button Up

Image Credit Asos

Australian Summer is 40 degrees one minute and raining the next, so this is the perfect in between as it’s light and stylish.

5Trendy Sunglasses

Image Credit Quay Australia

Not only do they shield your eyes from the sun but they also add a stylish statement to the rest of your outfit.