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Watch: RiRi ain’t gonna be happy when she finds out about Chrissy Teigens peepin’

chrissy teigen
Image via: Youtube

We’ve all been there – spotting a rather juicy looking letter addressed to our siblings and you just take a peak! But what do you do when Rihanna used to live in your house and you get hers?

The same damn thing apparently…

Chrissy Teigen popped in for an interview with Ellen and accidentally spilled a little more then she had probs hoped.

“..every once in a while… I get a bill of hers. I really want to somehow give it back to her. I tried to bring it to the Grammys but John was like ‘No! That doesn’t look cool! Please don’t. You’re embarrassing me.’


It’s news to us too but apparently the act is illegal, as Ellen informed Chrissy that even if you do live there you can’t do that because you know privacy etc.

So in other words Chrissy just admitted a crime to a cool couple of mill people, and is on permanent record doing so.

Whilst she also admits she gets RiRi’s fan mail, she wanted to let the Barbados beauty know that she owes Bugatti a whopping $18. More importantly what does Bugatti sell that costs only $18 because the cheapest thing we found on their website was a shirt for $43…


And although her editing prayers were left unanswered by Ellen’s show, we hope her Presidential ambitions were not, after admitting: “This is why I can never run for president!”

We still back her though, because hey Trump evaded paying millions of income tax so we’re pretty sure a mild privacy crime could be buried deep on the interweb for her.