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The Netflix Of Reality TV Has Arrived

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CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULE for the foreseeable future, I mean cancel lunch with grandma, tell your boss you are in quarantine for some mystery illness and let your girlfriends and mum know what’s up because the Netflix of reality TV has hit Australian shores and I mean it is like something has physically hit because the critical mass is about to head home to the couch and binge watch the Kardashian’s whilst eating copious amounts of junk.

So get ready because Hayu is in town. This holy entity of all things ungodly is the next big addiction in your life, time to move over, chocolate, shoes and Friday night drinks another vice has arrived. Think about it without the ads you can basically quadruple your productivity in binge watching whilst plummeting in all means of productive productivity.

Hayu launches today! TODAY PEOPLE, TODAY! It has 12 000 episodes and 469 series to offer you and it is arranged in box sets so you can watch it chronologically. The best part, it is only $5.99 a month meaning it costs less than a green juice sooooo that basically means you should not skip out on it because it will be bad for your health right?

As the best side note EVER they have a free trial because they love you.

See you on the other side of this magical ride folks.