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eBay Interiors ft. $200 Makeover

We all want pretty things. Aesthetics are a fundamental part of happiness to many of us. No, it doesn’t make you a shallow biatch for wanting pretty things, in fact, it makes you in tune with your philosophical self, did you know that there is an entire branch of philosophy dedicated to that shit? I mean if you thought you were vapid imagine them.

Well, guess what you can get funky fresh aesthetics for a fraction of the cost and a whole lot less headache then heading to your not so local home wares mall with your probably unenthused partner or the swarms of seasoned Saturday shoppers and their prams, obnoxious phone conversations or tantrum throwing children. That and the whopping bill at the end make interior shopping a positively hideous affair of which we need not partake in.

eBay saves the fucking day in regards to interior shopping (and maybe all means of shopping but today we focus on interiors). You can skip the bid bullshit if you want and pick the ‘buy it now’ filter allowing you to treat eBay like all your favourite online stores. Basically, head to Pinterest and Instagram get your style sorted then come to eBay with your wish list and the holy eBay search engine will decide if you are worthy of such gifts. Try a range of different searches and scroll right through the selection eBay presents you with because I promise you in that product list there is gold and that gold happens to sell at an average of ¼ of the cost of other interior stores according to my bargain savvy self anyway.

To give you an example of just how rad eBay is I present you with a living room and bedroom facelift for $200

Living room

Rug for $59


Pillow $8


Pillow $25


Pillow $7



Bedding $49


Pillow $4


Pillow $15


Throw $24$_12-4Art $4