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Taylor Swift is coming back to Spotify

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That’s right. After all the moral crusading about ensuring her music is legitimately bought instead of streamed through other services (which I’m sure had nothing whatsoever to do with her making sure she got some bulky royalties cheques), Taylor Swift has finally given in to the demand from her fans and released her music back onto Spotify.

Gods be praised.

No. Thank you.

She took her music off the streaming service in 2014, and many fans were left relying on other sources for their classic bedroom jams.

Needless to say, the internet took off in style at the news:

Now, amongst all this outpouring of joy and relief, comes a darker side.

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift has had a wee bit of a feud with one Katy Perry. That has gone as far as Katy’s latest single, ‘Swish Swish’, literally being a 3-minute not-so-subtle dig at Taylor for some beef going back a few years.

Now, it just so happens that Katy’s first album in four long years, Witness, is released at midnight worldwide, again on Spotify. Coincidentally, the same day that Taylor has chosen to re-release all her music. Call me a cynic, but you can’t help but consider that a little bit suss.

I am not the only person to have put two and two together on this one, as Twitter also showed a few people picking up on the convenience of it all:

I’ll leave you guys to work out what you think about that one, shall I?