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‘Kong: Skull Island’ cast terrified by Aussie wildlife

Skull Island
Credit: Chuck Zlotnick

Skull Island, the new King Kong movie, is coming out soon and it looks great. It’s basically thanks to Australia, because parts of the movie were filmed in rural Queensland. Obviously, Australia can be a bit intimidating but it’s safe to say that the cast of Skull Island were not prepared for the amount of wildlife that could kill them.

Many cast and crew were spooked by the safety demonstration that was given, as well as the thick folders that warned them about the nasties lurking in the bushland.

Skull Island Australian bush
Aussie bush lurkers aren’t as cute as this Source

“The safety officer was incredibly detailed about the number of things in the jungle that could kill us – brown snakes, funnel web spiders, plants,” explained Tom Hiddleston. Tom features in the film as an ex-SAS black ops officer recruited to go on the mysterious expedition to Skull Island. Hiddleston also was aware of the dangerous plant life.

“There was one particular plant he showed us and said, ‘We call it a wait-a-while and we have given it that name because if you touch it with your bare skin it will make you wait-a-while, and you will be sent to hospital and emergency treatment.”
Skull Island
Hahahaha we have no idea what we’re getting into. Source.

Brie Larson, who also stars in the film as a photojournalist, wasn’t too happy about the wildlife either.

“Pretty soon we learned about the gympie gympie. We were doing a lot of running in scenes and there are these plants that have crazy thorns on them and snag you quite easily and if they get on your skin it causes a rash and the only way to stop the itching is to wax. So all of the hair and makeup people had waxing kits.”
The gympie gympie is known for causing months of pain for unsuspecting people and is known as one of the world’s most venomous plants.
Welcome to Australia.