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Finally, proof that all Pixar movies are connected

pixar theory
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Pixar Theory has been a prevalent internet conspiracy theory for the past few years (it even has it’s own website). It explains that all of the Pixar movies exist in the same universe and are all connected, pointing out all the ‘easter eggs’ that prove it. Apparently each Pixar movie tells a story about a different time in the shared Pixar universe. And now there’s actual proof.


Disney has released a video that highlights all the links between the Pixar movies, pointing out all the ‘easter eggs’ that are shared. Jumping from one movie to the next, you can see that there are plenty of shared images throughout the Pixar films that serve as a nod to past and future films.

It’s also exciting to see how advanced those early Pixar films were for their time. The continuity in animation is pretty remarkable over so many projects and more than two decades.

So, while they haven’t confirmed the intricate universe planned by thoughtful conspiracist Jon Negroni, this is very exciting for all Pixar fans. Does it mean that Pixar will release a huge overarching film explaining the connections? We sure hope so.