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Bella Thorne defends Kendall Jenner and Madison Beer

bella tthorne
Image Credit: Instagram @bellathorne

For some extremely weird reason, some publications believe that female celebrities are exempt from some of the natural facts of life. Kendall Jenner was snapped with a few pimples on her face… how dare she! Journos went into shock mode as headlines ranged from “The big rash of Kendall Jenner” and “Kendall’s big breakout.”

Bella Thorne was having none of it and took to Twitter to defend Kendall.

Absolute babe Madison Beer recently had totally normal, but slightly embarrassing, moment. Her period leaked slightly through her white bikini while at the beach with boyfriend, Jack Gilinsky. People accused the 17-year-old of staging the whole thing for attention… cause yeah that’s a great way to get publicity.

Madison hit back with this comment.bella thorne

Bella totally backed her up with this tweet.

She then followed it up with this super important tweet that hopefully knocks some sense into some people.