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Official Portraits Released From Prince Louis’ Christening

Credit: @kensingtonroyal

To commemorate Prince Louis’ christening, Kensington Palace released 4 official portraits taken by British photographer Matt Holyoak and an additional candid shot taken by the royals’ private photographer Matt Porteous. The photos were taken on July 9th at the Chapel Royal at St. James’s Palace after Louis was baptised.

One photo is of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate and William, and their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

In the next photo the recently married Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, and the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles and Camilla, join them.

The Middletons joined in the next portrait as the family gathered around Prince Louis.

Matt Holyoak’s next photo is of Kate and Louis. Kate wears a white gown by Alexander McQueen while Louis wears a royal christening robe reminiscent of the robe worn by Queen Victoria’s daughter, Victoria, in 1841.

An additional official photo, a candid shot of Kate holding a laughing Louis, was released yesterday by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The photo was initially intended to be a part of the family’s private album but William and Kate loved it so much that they choose to share it with the public.

Louis’ godparents will include a number of William and Kate’s close personal friends and only one relative. The godfathers will consist of three of Williams friends, Nicholas van Cutsem, friend from Eton College Harry Aubrey-Fletcher and Guy Pelly. The godmothers will be Kate’s cousin Lucy Middleton, old school friend Hannah Carter and friend of William, Lady Laura Meade.

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