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Most watched music videos of 2016

Most watched music videos
Image Credit Justin Bieber

VEVO have released the most-watched music videos of 2016 globally, and we can’t say any of these bangers have taken us by surprise. Although Justin Bieber was in the media for the right and wrong reasons this year, he managed to claim the number one spot with his hit, “Sorry”

Adele’s “Hello” came in second and the unbelievably catchy Fifth Harmony track “Work From Home” took the third spot.

1. Justin Bieber – Sorry – 1,824,823,909 views
2. Adele – Hello – 1,255,754,358 views
3. Fifth Harmony – Work from Home – 1,173,014,751 views
4. Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For – 1,008,115,358 views
5. Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean? – 1,002,151,667 views
6. Justin Bieber – Love Yourself – 966,846,883 views
7. Drake – Hotline Bling – 899,014,469 views
8. Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk – 825,589,463 views
9. Rihanna – Work – 800,984,121 views
10. The Chainsmokers – Closer (Lyric) – 776,806,154 views

They didn’t fail to provide us living down under with our very own top 10 as well. They even made a cute vid about it, so check it out, or skip to the bottom to read the full list. Defs not surprised that The Chainsmokers “Closer” is pretty high up on our list considering it’s stuck in our heads for 90% of the day.

Our fave bangers in Australia are a little different and it’s no surprise that Zayn’s Pillowtalk has been on repeat for most of us – who doesn’t love that sexy beat?

1. Justin Bieber – Sorry
2. Fifth Harmony – Work From Home
3. The Chainsmokers – Closer
4. Justin Bieber – Love Yourself
5. Adele – Hello
6. Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For
7. Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean?
8. Zayn – Pillowtalk
9. Drake – Hotline Bling
10. Shawn Mendes – Treat You Better